Tactical Athlete Program (T.A.P.)

5 in 1 - Wellness Program, Control Tactics, De-escalation, Legal Use of Force Report Writing, Mental Health Awareness and an Officer Management System for 24/7/365 Access…

**All Law Enforcement Officers should have access to proper training**
***50+ hours of continuing education credit hours***
The T.A.P. Officer Training & Defensive Tactics Platform is designed for agencies and academies, and gives your DT Instructors and Officers access to all our online training content, lesson plans, curriculums, quizzes, tests, videos, all through our Online Learning Management System. The Instructors have access to the Instructor side, while the Officers have access to the student side. This is cutting edge, the latest technology, and the absolute best system on the market for officer training.

Check Out This Video Demo of T.A.P.

On this Demo, we will show you the entire T.A.P Platform and why it's superior to all others!

  • Benefit: All content is video based, leading to greater consistency of training and the ability to always go back and review 24x7, 365 Days Per Year!
  • Benefit: Our system covers heavily: Fitness & Nutrition, Mental Health Awareness & Performance Enhancement Techniques, De-Escalation Best Practices, Legal & Use Of Force Case Law, Defensive Tactics Foundations & Scenarios!
  • Benefit: Our learning management system will allow your DT Instructors to fully educate their officer (students), tracking the videos they watch, the quiezzes they take, the testing results, with all coursework, curriculums, lesson plans, power points, and other documentation turn-key ready to go!
Watch these important videos that explains the T.A.P. Certification and Instructor Course curriculum and learn how to implement this training.....

Five Day
Forty Hour Course
(Train the Trainer Program) 

(In person at designated training locations)

Courses Included 

Online Interactive 
Basic Training Course
(Individual LEO Program)
Courses Included

OR CALL (888) 708-2284

International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training National Certification Program™ 

What is the IADLEST National Training Certification?
The IADLEST National Certification Program (NCP) sets minimum standards for T.A.P. Courses providing police continuing education and ensures training content meets those quality standards. The standards are designed to meet or exceed any individual State certification requirements thus ensuring that IADLEST certified training will be accepted by all participating POST organizations in the Nation for training credit.

Download Our I.A.D.L.E.S.T. Certification

Download T.A.P. Program Guide

  • --- Performance Enhancement Techniques to be physically and mentally prepared for duty which leads to increased confidence and performance.
  •   --- Nutrition and Fitness which allows for peak performance, the reduction of stress and chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. 
  •   --- Mental Health Awareness and Verbal De-Escalation Techniques which reduces the use of force and allows the conflict to be resolved in a positive manner.  
  •   --- Proven Defensive Tactics and Instructional Guide  
  • on how to teach and implement the complete program into the agency which increases the officer confidence, reduces excessive force and injuries to the officer and public they serve.
The T.A.P. System is designed to Train the Officer in.....
T.A.P. Program was created by a group of Elite Level Professional Combat Athletes, Law Enforcement, Military, and Medical Professionals to fill the void in today’s Law Enforcement training and to offer our clients a Complete Tactical System in the palm of their hand.
The Tactical Athlete Program is interactive and the techniques are currently successfully implemented by the highest level of Professional Athletes and Combat Operatives. These professionals are successful because of their foundation, mindset, and strategy that allows them to stay focused and in the process at all times.
Benefits of T.A.P. System!   
  •  Convenience – Train, Learn, Work at home, at work, or on the road.
  • ​ Affordability – Per studies, agencies save 50 to 70 percent of training costs due to the elimination of travel.  
  • Adaptability – The T.A.P. Certification Course allows you to work at your own speed and study material you may have trouble understanding, review exercises and techniques as needed, and receive support from C.T.C. Staff. 
  • ​ Retention – Studies show that engaging and interactive online training increases retention by over 70 percent.  
  •  Relevance – The T.A.P. Certification Course stays current and up to date ensuring that the officers’ training needs are met and exceeded. 
  • Perform Better - Performance Enhancement Routines created by Dr. Jack Stark are currently being implemented on the highest levels of professional sports. (NBA, NASCAR, UFC, NFL) 
  •  Lose Weight and Get in Shape - Nutritional and Fitness Training programs that you can start using right away from home.    
  • Get Better Sleep & Learn how to relax - Proven and effective meditation and mindfulness routines to stay relaxed and focused on the job and at home!

T.A.P. Instructor Course Recap and Testimonials

Problems in Law Enforcement Training!

1. Lack of Training after Academy
2. Multiple DT Systems
3. Block & Silo Training

Most defensive tactics systems are either non effective or too complex for the officer to retain which leads to failure. These failures have cost millions of dollars in lawsuits!

The fractured public trust, the loss of credibility in the court system, serious injuries and the loss of life supports the failures of today's system and training methods.

Law Enforcement Officers are handicapped by the lack of training hours provided and it needs to change....

A complete all-inclusive training system built for law enforcement by law enforcement with 24/7 access with mobile apps & templated lesson plans. 

Complete Tactical Consultants Mission
is to change the culture of today's law enforcement training, give officers the proper training fundamentals, and to teach them the skills to be confident when taking a subject into custody, so everyone is safe.


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